Curriculum vitae: (update December 2020)

(Download here the PDF file: Corentin_Tregouet_Resume)

Scientific experience

Postdoc on the dynamics of permanent-regime Marangoni flow and the flows within Plateau films during foam shearing in the Institut de Physique de Rennes (University Rennes 1), under the supervision of A. Saint-Jalmes and I. Cantat.

Postdoc on the dynamic of the in-drop spinodal decomposition studied through microfluidics, in Twente University. Within the Research Center for Multiscale Catalytic Energy Conversion (MCEC), under the supervision of Dr M. Odijk (BIOS, Twente), Pr A. Van Den Berg (BIOS, Twente), and Pr D. Lohse (PoF, Twente).

PhD on hydrodynamics and interfacial polymer physics: Multilayers of polymers on liquid interfaces: assembly, interfacial rheology and microfluidic probing. Under the supervision of C. Monteux (SIMM, ESPCI) and M. Reyssat (Gulliver, ESPCI). Development of a microfluidic chip to produce capsules and probe their interfacial rheology, coupled with a study and modelization of the dynamics of the polymer on the interface using a pendant drop apparatus.

Apr-Jun 2012:
Master thesis: in Princeton University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Stone group: coupling interaction between an oscillating fiber and a droplet. Supervised by C. Duprat and Pr. H. Stone.

Jan-Apr 2011:
Research Team Project: research work with 6 other students: the Epithelial-Mesenchymal-Transition as a phase transition: a statistical physics approach, with Pr. F. Amblard, Institut Curie, Paris.


PhD of Materials Physics and Chemistry at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.

Master degree of Material Science at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.

Bachelor and master degree of engineering at Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau: top French engineering university. Major: condensed matter physics; minor: mechanics.

Classes Préparatoires: two years intensive preparation for nationwide competitive examination for entry to engineering universities.

High school degree (with highest honors).

Technical and language skills

soft lithography, PDMS-based, NOA-based, glass-based microfluidic.

interfacial rheometer, pendant drop.

confocal microscopy, optical profilometer, mechanical profilometer.

Computer skills:
Matlab, Python, LabView, Comsol, SolidWorks, Java, ImageJ, Igor Pro, LaTeX, Illustrator.

French (native), English (fluent), German (fluent, C1), Dutch (intermediate, B1).

Teaching experience

Teaching assistant (30 hours):
– bachelor students: tutorials about high-school pre-calculus.
– bachelor students: practical work about microfabrication and microfluidics.

Teaching assistant (64 hours/year):
– bachelor students: practical work supervision, oral exams and tutoring, about thermodynamics.
– master students: practical work about characterization of polymer materials for industrial applications (flexion and rupture of polymer materials, adhesion of pressure sensitive adhesives).

Private tuitions (2 hours/week):
high school and “classes préparatoires” students about physics and mathematics.

Student supervision

Bachelor students    

A. Moufidi (2019, 2 months, imaging of Marangoni flows without tracers)
S. Kölling (2018, 10 weeks, high-throughput femtoliter-droplet generator)
D. Schotanus (2018, 10 weeks, on-chip automated phase-diagram measurement)
A. Renkowski (2015, 5 weeks, pendant drop experiments)

Master students

A. Commereuc (2019, 2 months, interaction of multiple Marangoni flows)
M. Krakers (2017-2018, 6 months, on-chip in-situ X-ray diffraction)
M. Rump (2017, 6 months, patterned-surface Ouzo nucleation, cosupervision)
M. Nomena (2014, 3 months, microfluidic deformation of capsules)
S. Poincloux (2014, 3 months, microfluidic deformation of bubbles)

Awarded grants

PhD grant AMX delivered by the Ecole Polytechnique to the former students according to their marks and their research project. (40/year).

Scholarship for master thesis awarded by the « Materials Science and Active Surface » program at Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France (Chaire X-ESPCI-Saint Gobain).

Invited talks and seminars

Oct 2019           Internal seminar in Institut de Physique de Rennes (Rennes I).

Sept 2019         Internal seminar in Laboratiry of Future (CNRS-Solvay).

Sept 2009         Internal seminar in Institut Lumière Matière (Claude Bernard Lyon II).

June 2018         Internal seminar in LadHyX (Ecole Polytechnique).

Feb 2018   Microdroplets in high temperature gradients for porous catalytic microbeads., at the annual meeting of the Max Plank and University of Twente Center for complex fluid dynamics.

June 2017         Multiphasic microfluidic for catalysis, at Kick-off meeting of the Max Plank and University of Twente Center for complex fluid dynamics.

May 2016          Polymer multilayers at liquid interfaces: assembly, interfacial rheology and microfluidic probing, for an internal seminar of Laboratoire de Physique Statistique (Ecole Normal Superieur de Paris).

March 2016       Multilayers assembly of polymers on liquid interfaces for encapsulation. for an internal seminar of Physics of Fluids group (University of Twente).

Conference, workshops, summerschool

2018      MicroTAS (poster) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2017      MicroTAS (poster) in Savannah, Georgia, USA

2016      Complex Motion in Fluids (summer school)  (oral) in Zenderen, Netherland

2016      Conference in honor of Liliane Léger (oral) in IPGG, Paris, France

2015      Foam Workshop (oral) in ESPCI, Paris France

2015      Soft Matter Days (oral) in CNRS, Gif sur Yvette, France

2015      Bubble and Drop Interfaces (oral) in MPI, Gőlm, Germany

2015      Annual European Rheology Conference (oral) in Nantes, France

2014      Statistical Physics Day (oral) in ESPCI, Paris France

2014      Condense Matter Days (oral) in Paris, France

2014      Emulsion Club (poster) in Givaudan, Argenteuil, France

2014      Dynacaps (poster) in UTC, Compiègne, France

2014      Soft Fire (summer school) (poster) in Cargèse, Corse, France

Other experience

Dec 2016:
Conference to high-school student about the environment of academic research, soft matter, microfluidics, and encapsulation within the frame of the “Sciences Week”.

May 2016:
Popular science show E=M6 on national French TV: experiments and explanations of what is catalysis through the example of potassium iodine for hydrogen-peroxide decomposition.

Aug 2011:
Internship in the French National Park “Les Ecrins”:  maintenance work of hiking trails and counting of endangered species.

Sept 20019-Apr 2010:
Military service: officer in the Corps of Engineers.


Arnaud Saint Jalmes

Isabelle Cantat

Detlef Lohse

Albert van den Berg

Mathieu Odijk

Cecile Monteux

Mathilde Reyssat

Thomas Salez

Howard Stone